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Sports Performance Strength & Conditioning

Welcome ROC Strength Nation!

The journey of ROC Strength has been very interesting thus far in its young life. ROC Strength is trying to bring a different atmosphere to sports performance training... old school no eyewash training. How we create better athletes is very simple… we MOVE WELL, and we LIFT HEAVY WEIGHT FAST! Simple enough?

This is not rocket science people. We dig much deeper on the roots of your personal dysfunction and weaknesses. But the ground layer of training is moving well and lifting heavy! We are not afraid to drop or throw weight around (in a safe manner of course) but we do thus intelligently by the guidance of professional strength coaches.

ROC Strength was started by myself, Jacob Bunce. I spent the past 3 years as Strength & Conditioning Coach in Professional Baseball.  The last 2 years were with the Philadelphia Phillies and my 1st year was with the Cincinnati Reds. With all the pride and glory the baseball life is about, nothing beats like what Joe Dirt once said “Home is where you make it.” That to me folks, is good ole Rochester New York.

ROC Strength got its start up almost two years ago now in the fridged winter months. Cold as ice outside, but warm like burning metal clanging as weights getting thrown around inside ROC Strength.

We are a Strength & Conditioning facility that is not scared of difficult tasks. We don’t embrace the fads, we are an old school strength and conditioning gym with a new school holistic view and approach.

We don’t run from our problems, we face it every rep and every set. Our goal is to simply help you achieve yours. ROC Strength is not for everyone, but if you're willing to face the challenge of overcoming life's obstacles, then let’s ride!

Stay Strong,

- Jacob Bunce MS, RSCC, CSCS, EP-C, USAW

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Below is a journey of the remodeling job that took place this October 2017.